Chicken Samich

After viewing with dismay the hysteria Chick Fil a and Popeye’s chicken sandwiches caused recently on social media, I felt compelled to weigh in. For the record, I’ve tried neither of these monstrosities as they are in my opinion trash! Cheaply made, junk food for the gullible masses. Is someone a lil bit judgey? Yeah, […] Continue reading

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  • Maty said:

    Looks amazing. How long can you keep in fridge Maty on Pastrami
  • Terri lane said:

    So excited to try. Ordering beef today . Terri lane on Pastrami
  • Kathy Wood said:

    Looks amazing! Just saw you on Rachel Ray show. And you prepared this. My husband and I are definitely going… Kathy Wood on Pastrami
  • LaTricia I Anderson said:

    I am so excited ...." I DID IT ,I DID IT " !!! IT WAS MARVELOUS !! LaTricia I Anderson on Pastrami
  • Kim said:

    I don’t have a smoker, is there something else to use in place of the smoker? Kim on Pastrami